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WHAT IS rebel?

The rebel is a lifestyle brand here to guide you to a fulfilled, happy, healthy life. Living in the 21st century can seem overwhelming with so many options on what is best for this or that. At rebel, we strive to make life simpler. Less drama, less chaos, and more intentional, but most of all more fulfilling.

Our focus is multifaceted. Throughout daily life we are faced with a mulitude of stressful situations. We aim to provide useful knowledge and tips on how to conquer these challenges. Broken into the six categories of…


Beauty & Health

Food & Travel

Style & Home

Mindfulness & Spirituality

Money & Tech

Relationships & Parenting

…our goal is no matter what walk of life you arrived here from, you’re able to leave with options on how to enhance your life to its fullest potential.

The rebel Chief, Katie Cherry, is a 30-something small town gal with a decade long dream of creating an online space that provides everyday ladies and gents an attainable, reasonable, and sustainable approach on how to navigate the often overstimulating, busy, chaotic world around us. A guidebook for living the good life without the fame and fortune. Never having lived the “glamorous life” in the high end corners of a big city, Katie stays true to her roots. Being content with a modest low-key life, while refusing to be complacent she is always striving for growth and a deeper understanding of the world around her. She is a lover of learning and sharing. Through travel, food, reading, and listening she has gained a wealth of knowledge on a broad variety of topics.

With the help of her closest pals, Katie has brought together a team of experts in an array of fields. Ever the student, and wise enough to know she is not a master of everything, she counts on her clan of wizards to help spread the message that we should have a hybrid approach to everyday life. Striving for a healthy body, mind, spirit, home, habits, and relationships is key to living the rebel.